About us

How did an American woman and a Canadian man meet in Český Krumlov, fall in love, and build the friendly empire known as Krumlov House?

This New York Times article describes how we started. Today, if you stay at our hostel, you’ll find Cal busy in his wood workshop and Carolyn organizing a writer’s retreat, or editing The Literary Bohemian. Or you may find our son Aidan making breakfast in July and August. Or our other son Max making muffins in the hostel kitchen.

We choose our staff from local Czechs and artistic, motivated, and friendly guests who’ve stayed with us.

Summer, 2017:

Come say hello to Californian-born Jenn, an actress who loves Cesky Krumlov so much, that she’s here for her third summer season.

We are always needing help. If you are sociable, friendly, kind, and can tame email inboxes and laundry, drop us a line. We also like to hire people who are signed up with workaway.info

We all look forward to seeing you!

Cal & Carolyn Zukowski + The Amazing Krumlov House staff