Krumlov House is green

We want to change the world, one bed at a time:

Here are some of the ways Krumlov House sustains energy & promotes healthy living:

Solar panels — radiator reflectors — energy-star efficient appliances & office equipment — interior wood reclaimed or obtained from locally managed forests — green cleaning products — air-drying & folding laundry  (no iron!) — second-hand and bio cotton sheets — energy-saving light bulbs  —  eco-paper brochures — wind-powered website hosting — recycling & composting — non-smoking, family-friendly environment — supporting & promoting locally-owned businesses  —  donations to charity (local and international)

We encourage our guests to:

drink the tap water —  re-use plastic shopping bags  —  participate in Krumlov’s  outdoor activities : cycling, boating, and horseback riding — use public transport — limit showers to five minutes  — reduce, re-use, and recycle.